Inside the Memory View: A Guide for Debug Providers

The Memory View is provided by the debug framework and allows users to examine memory from their application. It is a flexible view that allows debug implementers to present memory monitors in ways that make sense to their users. You can display a memory monitor using any type of SWT widget.

When the Memory View was first developed, one of the goals was to support a diverse audience with very different needs and debug models. It needed to be able to support everyone from developers who work on huge mainframe systems to developers working on small embedded devices. The needs of this vast range of developers are quite different. While it may have made sense to present memory in a certain way for one development environment, it may be completely confusing for developers working on a different platform.

The solution was to provide a view and a framework that allows debug implementers to define how their memory monitors are to be presented in the user interface. This article will discuss this framework and will show how one can add memory view support in a debugger.

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