Adium 1.5.1 업데이트 & 네이트온 플러그인 1.5.1

맥용 통합메신저 Adium이 1.5.1 버젼으로 업데이트가 되었습니다.

그간 네이트온 플러그인 문제때문에 업데이트 못했었는데,

능력자 nol2ter님 덕분에 맘놓고 업데이트하게 되었네요. ^^


Adium 1.5.1

Adium Nateon plugin


Adium Version 1.5.1 (6/7/2012)

  • Adium is now securely signed with an Apple Developer ID for OS X 10.8 / GateKeeper compatibility.
  • Updated to libpurple 2.10.4
    • AIM/ICQ: Fixed communication with buddies containing periods and underscores.
    • MSN: Fixed messages to offline contacts.
    • MSN: Switched to MSN protocol version 18, therefore re-enabling Multiple Points of Presence support.
    • Fixed a number of security issues (see, small memory leaks, miscellaneous bugs.
  • Fixed MSN public display names not being set. (Chenguang Li) ( #15915)
  • Adjusted the minimum size of the message window to be 200px. ( #15794)
  • Fixed status indicators in chat windows with only one chat. ( #9620)
  • Increased the size of the focus indicators so that they can be better seen when using overlay scrollbars.
  • Fixed the transcript viewer not saving the user list size.
  • Corrected some MSN emoticon shortcuts. (Paul Wilde) ( #15926)
  • Renamed “Send Notification” to “Request Attention”. ( #15789)
  • Adjusted the layout of the profile selection window.
  • Fixed alphabetical contact list sorting involving diacritics such as “å” and “ä” (Rafael Glauber) ( #12678)
  • Made “View Release Notes” localizable. ( #15914)